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This document represents the "Privacy Policy" for, and will be updated. This page describes the methods for site management referring to the treatment of users’ personal data.

The information contained here have the purpose to provide explanations, and, in particular, on the modalities, times and nature of the information, which must be provided by the holders of the treatment to users, regardless of the link’s  purposes. In accordance with the most recent provisions at Community and national level.

The web site has an information function for the activities carried out by Sviluppo Basilicata SpA. Therefore, in most cases, there is no data collection of the navigator. In certain cases, as for the section "Contact us" or "newsletter" and "work with us", in order to allow or facilitate a personal communication or the transmission of our newsletter, we require the user to fill in a form of data collection.

In these cases, the privacy practices specifies the use of the data and other information required by law. In addition, in limited cases in which it is necessary to collect personal information for other purposes, this is clearly highlighted in information of the law, precede the form of data collection, in order to enable transparency and awareness to the user.

Ownership of the data handling

Sviluppo Basilicata Spa is the holder of the treatment of data, its seat being in Via centomani, 11 – 85100 Potenza (Italy).

Responsibility of data treatment

The list of holders of data treatment of is available at Sviluppo Basilicata SpA.


In the provision of web services, we do not made use of cookies for the transmission of personal information, or the so-called persistent cookies of any type, or systems for users tracking.

The use of cookies session (that are not stored in a persistent manner on your computer and vanish with the closure of the browser) is strictly limited to the transmission of session identifiers (consisting in random numbers generated by the server) necessary to allow the safe and efficient exploration of the site.

The cookies session used in this site avoid the use of other information techniques, potentially prejudicial to the confidentiality of navigation of the users and not allow for the acquisition of personal identification data of the user