What we do Print

Thanks to our expertise in the field of business creation and development and to our system of regulatory and financial instruments, we support small and medium-sized enterprises and, in cooperation with Basilicata Region and public administration, we work for the development and the competitiveness of our territory.

The areas of intervention for companies are the following:

  • design and management of regional financial instruments for business creation and development within the objectives defined by the Regional framework
  • allotment and provision of financing, incentives, facilities, grants or any other type of benefit
  • management of guarantee funds for companies
  • management of risk capital funds for the implementation of financial interventions such as holdings acquisition, participatory and bond loans, also convertible in favor of SME in the form of capital companies
  • management of “business incubators” where entrepreneurs can find services and spaces for their own activities
  • implementation and promotion of territorial activities in the field of business creation and development
  • design and management of training interventions and vocational guidance for the promotion of entrepreneurship, in collaboration with the regional entity and sub-regional organizations
  • implementation of any preparatory and instrumental action consistent to those indicated above

For the development and competitiveness of our territory our areas of assistance shall cover:

  • the advice, the assistance and the provision of services to regional and local public administrations which directly or indirectly work for the development of economic initiatives in the territory
  • the collaboration with the Region and with the other public administrations concerned to the planning and the implementation of intervention policies in the field of research, innovation and support the competitiveness of business local system
  • the support of investment and territorial development projects
  • the promotion and the support, also in collaboration with local authorities, of initiatives and activities affecting   the economic and social development of local and regional communities
  • the implementation of Community and national programmes of regional interest.